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Not about the money its about poor ethics.

Boat sat dead waiting for a small resistor terminator for smarftcraft system. I figure i'd order a bunch of parts all together and spent a good amount of money.

Turns out they forgot to send me the resistor. I called and they offered to send the item for free, which is nice but doesn't help when shipping takes 5 days. They would not expedite my shipping so I asked for a refund so I can purchase locally. They would only refund me the price of the item and not the cost they charged me for shipping.

"Because we don't have the ability to separate the shipping cost" which I thought was funny because you have the ability to charge me but not the ability to refund me?

To which she replied "You have 2 options either I send you the part or I refund you just the price of the part" So I asked to speak with a manager because I assumed she did not have the ability to make such refunds and she said "I am the manager" All in all I was probably out just a few bucks but this kind of business practice doesn't sit well with me. As a business owner myself companies like this don't deserve their place in any market.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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There are only two official managers at gls. Employees are told to make up titles. And to never ever give out the actual managers names or transfer discusssatisfied customers.

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