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Never again! After getting screwed around for close to two weeks to get vinyl samples I chose a sample.

Ordered 18 yards after almost a week it came totally wrong. Then it took over a week to get a return label whisk even though they said was emailed to me every day never came!! Finally these idiots got UPS to just pick it up! In the meantime they said they located the correct material based on my original 18 yard order, and I had emailed them a picture of the sample with their part number attached from Gls.

I said let's not screw this up again, send me a sample of what Gls thinks is the correct material, she said she would get it to me expedited (that's what they said about my samples also bs), it came via snail mail and once again was wrong!! Mind you I was in daily contact trying to find out what was going on and was constantly bsed, My boat was in line to be launched but because I am delayed by Gls incompetence I must now pay the boatyard $$$ to move me out of the staring lineup to let those behind me out, pay to be reblocked and am paying for a slip I am not occupying!! Talk about a screwup of capital proportions! I said I want a big discount due to my delay and their incompetence and aggregation the face me, they have not answered my email!

Theee is more to this story but here is the best part, they offered to take the cowards way out and offer a refund, is that how you handle a screw up?? After all this $&:)!?! Aggravating bs you don't just get to lighten your load by offering me a refund. I have ripped out my interior and awaited my correct order since day one and was initially told by your people that you had 200 yards in stock so why should Gls get off easy.

Make it right! It's time Gls learned the meaning of good customer service !

I wish you guys were near my location I would love to get in your face as you cower under the desk! Talk about a miserable exoeriance

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Lakes Skipper Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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As you can see by the above comment, the cowards never responded, they knew they were wrong, and for all the bs they omit me theu, all these ripoff off artist offered was a 50 dollar credit!!! Btw, the order was delivered five yards short!!!

***! Half the crap they offer, such as engine vents , and hardware can be purchased own for less money in most cases, these people are not only crooks, but *** too!

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